I just wanted to say "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU"!!!
I´m not sure if its the combination of IMS (acupuncture) + deep tissue massages, but yesterday after you massage my neck/trap muscle finally relaxed and for the 1st time in many years
I did not experience discomfort/pulling feeling from my trap to my neck while turning my neck !!! It feels so good to be able to turn my neck without pain !!! Now I´m not sure what´s going to happen once I start working out ??? but today I´m PAINFREE !!! Yippppie !!
Thank you and BIG BIG HUG from me.
Tanja is a wonderfully skilled masseuse. She has my whole - hearted recommendation.
Thank you for the massage today, Tanja. I feel very relaxed after it and you worked my knots really well. I followed it up with a 40 min IR sauna so I got a really good detox/cleanse afterwards.
Stas B.
I had injured myself while a young apprentice carpenter and have pretty much used up my back over the past 40 years in the trade. As a result I have been using massage therapists for a long time from Manitoba to British Columbia. Tanja is certainly one of the best I have had the pleasure to meet. I suppose the knowledge base and skill sets are often a given with a popular therapist, but Tanja seems to have this wonderful innate diagnostic sensitivity as well. A treasure found.
I have been going to see Tanja for therapeutic massage for over five years and must say that her massage is in the top 10% within the Vancouver area. Tanja always ensures you are comfortable and provides a clean, relaxing setting with light music, professional massage table, fresh clean sheets and absolutely no outside interruptions. She makes certain that you as the client are number one and gives full attention to you. Tanja’s massages are a unique combination of deep tissue and relaxation that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally relaxed at the same time. I always book a two hour session and find the sessions are too short as it is two hours of pure pleasure that I never want to end. All in all, I have to highly recommend Tanja as a top-quality massage therapist. You will be not be disappointed.
Kevin M.
Thanks. Tanja

Thank you for the truly amazing massage. You are a very kind, generous, wonderful person and I look forward to making another appointment to see you in few weeks.